Blue Morph

Board Facilitation Enabling groups of people to have genuine dialogue

In a complex and unpredictable world, Boards and senior teams are often faced with difficult decisions about strategy, about change and how to respond to any number of internal and environmental challenges. When the stakes are high, so often are the emotions. Engaging someone from outside the organization to listen to what is going, without judging, can be hugely helpful. Liz can then design and facilitate a one off or series of events to enable people to engage in genuine dialogue to find a meaningful and sustainable way forward.

Why might you want to use an external facilitator like Liz?

  • You want to be deeply involved in the content of a meeting about strategy but you don’t want to be distracted by having to run the meeting as well.
  • You need to convene an important one off large group event with a range of different stakeholders. You want to engage people’s hearts and minds. You know that there is more required than inviting people to just sit back and listen to a range of presentations but don’t know how to design the event so it is different from the standard fare.
  • You feel that your existing team or Board meetings are just boring. They make you and others feel tired. They are an energy drain and it feels as though you have collectively lost your ‘mojo’. You need something to refresh and re-invigorate.
  • You are feeling that relationships within your own organization or team are stressful and unsupportive. People don’t really talk properly in meetings or connect as people. Instead there is point scoring; entrenched positions; repeated patterns of ‘Here we go again’. Old hurts. Blame game. Misunderstanding. Miscommunication, not listening to each other.
  • You want people from across the organization to share current challenges and support each other in resolving and learning from them. You’ve perhaps heard of action learning sets, or been part of one, but need someone from outside to facilitate.
Liz Wiggins

Board Facilitation

Blue Morph designs and delivers strategy sessions and large group events. As an experienced facilitator, Liz helps groups of people to understand different perspectives and come to collective decisions about what to do next.

Leadership and Team Development

Your leadership or team development requirements may be about enhancing individuals’ skills such as working with conflict, giving feedback or understanding change. Or the requirement may be to build or repair relationships, unstick engrained behaviour patterns, identify strengths, and agree ways of working that will improve future relationships and performance. In designing such interventions, Liz sometimes uses psychometric instruments such as Myers Briggs and FIRO-B.

Action Learning Sets

Action learning sets are facilitated sessions, held on a fairly regular basis, for six to seven individuals who tend to be in similar roles from across an organization, sector or geography. They are based on the premise that as adults, we learn from sharing work issues with people like ourselves. Action learning sets support problem solving, personal development and enhance individuals’ listening and coaching skills.